Filipino/American Coalition for Environmental Solidarity 


CAREnow! Campaign

FACES contingent at the Chevron AGM

Chevron Accountability and Respect for the Environment Now!
is FACES' current campaign that pressures the Bay Area-based Chevron Corporation for cleanup and accountability. FACES joins with other local and international environmental justice groups to put pressure on the United States' second largest oil corporation.

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Visit the CAREnow! News blog to stay updated on the oil depot case in Pandacan, Manila, and other campaign-related news.

Face2Face Solidarity Trip


In August 2003, FACES led 9 women on the first face-to-face trip to the Philippines, where they connected with various organizations and communities struggling for environmental justice.  Again in 2004, a FACES delegation visited the Philippines and met with past and future partners.  From these experiences, FACES members and our Philippine partners identified the importance of a constant face-to-face exchange.  With the intention of systematizing an ongoing exchange program, FACES formed the Face2Face program.


Face2Face aims to educate and deepen the understanding of the magnitude of Philippine and US Environmental Justice issues, with the intention of establishing meaningful and mutually beneficial relationships between communities in the Philippines & US by coordinating and facilitating educational trips.   FACES also hopes to collaborate with U.S.-based organizations and communities to set up exposure trips in the Bay Area, familiarizing FACES members and participants with local struggles.

In an increasingly global economic, social, and political environment, it is becoming more and more critical to encourage young people to gain awareness and take action on pressing transnational issues. The FACE2FACE Exchange trip will be designed to nurture a valuable learning experience that will provide inspired and educated young people the skills and the understanding necessary in a globally interdependent and culturally diverse world.

Living and working with our partners and communities in the Philippines will:

a)      expose participants to the effects of militarism, globalization, and capitalism on local communities and their resources

b)      introduce participants to groups that are fighting for environmental justice in the Philippines;

c)      foster a sense of ownership and understanding through a hands-on service learning curriculum;

d)      engage participants in direct action with FACES partner groups; and

e)      build strong relationships among participants and FACES leadership that will help participants maintain involvement in environmental and social justice work after the exchange trip.

FACES believes that participants will embark on a challenging adventure through the FACE2FACE Exchange Trip, connecting environmental struggles in the U.S. to those in the Philippines and turning education into action.

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